Bewitching Bookcase Doors for Mysterious Home Interior

Bookcase has potential to adorn any neglected area with dull decoration at home as door. Beside standing bookcase on floor, there are also bookcase doors displaying fantasy nuance of classic interior design with mysterious look. You should consider a certain door in strategic setting connecting other private room or secret area at home.

As a preference, people choose empty area underneath stairs allowing bookcase door to be placed on the corner where people seems rare to visit. On the contrary, the bookcase door is capable to cover hidden stairway automatically when you close its functional door. Those books in various cover colors become ingenious interior decorations with lovely and well arrangements so that it keeps tidy and clean.


Traditional Wall bookcases adorn the room ceiling to the flooring one creating compact interior decorations with its classic brown color. If you want the vivid color to enliven home interior, you can apply arched entrance blending turquoise wall painting as the marker of secret bookcase. You can adjust its wooden bookcase with interior decorations surroundings by modifying its shape and painting.

Ingenious interior ideas also apply extensive wall bookcase to disguise secret bookcase door with private room behind it in order not to bring fishy look. You can hide basement, walk–in closet, family room, media room, bedroom or bathroom with these modern bookcase ideas. This bookcase door functions as not only library, but also secret door, interior decoration, as well as library.

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